How To Choose A Replica Watch

I know it can be very disorienting choosing a Replica Watch out of that list of almost 20 Replica Watchs in the dealers section. While they are all trusted doesn’t mean they’re equally active. Trusted simply means they have a long standing record for not ripping off their customers and have good reputation. On that point, I would like to say, once you choose a Replica Watch, please trust that they will not run off with your money. Many of the Replica Watchs here sell hundreds of watches monthly from sales here, other forums such as Repgeek, RWG etc, and local sales in their area. Many of the Replica Watchs have been in business for 3+ years. They have no interest in ruining their reputation and sabotaging their future business for your measly $400 USD. I see too often a first time buyer complains on a buyer review thread after not getting a reply from their Replica Watch within 12 hours. Most Replica Watchs here live in China, that’s how they ensure a steady quality-controlled supply from the factories to you. Keep in mind that while it might be broad daylight here in North America or Europe, it’s 3am there and everyone’s sound asleep.

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Sometimes check your calendar, it might be Saturday or Sunday there, and they may be out with family or friends. Once you wire the money or charge your credit card, it takes an average of 3-5 days for the watch to arrive from factory for them to QC. Sometimes the Replica Watch will have a watch in stock, and you’ll have QC photos within the next few hours, sometimes the factories have to make from scratch, and may take up to five days or more. Allow 3 days before sending another email to them asking where your watch is at. Then allow another 2 days for them to reply you. It doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily take 2 days, but give them time to sort things out or return from vacay. If there is still no reply after a ridiculously long time, file a complaint ticket with Helpdesk! on the tab above.

Do not directly resolve to complaining or writing a bad review on forum right away, the moderators and admins of this forum are not very sympathetic with potential defamation of Replica Watchs. I’ve seen it many times, a noob buyer doesn’t get a reply within 12 hours, complains with bad review, moderator condemns behavior, Replica Watch returns email when they woke up and saw how bad things elevated. Problem resolved because they always do, Replica Watchs would rather lose money than credibility. Noob end up apologizing in thread. Then why bother make it an embarrassment in the first place?

Now how to choose a Replica Watch:

The #1 incentive for choosing a Replica Watch over another is of course price. However most Replica Watchs won’t differ in price more than $30 usd, and I’ve found that when they do, it’s often because the factory has dropped its price and the Replica Watch has forgotten or haven’t yet updated their price. Check with them by sending an email. The best place to start for selecting a Replica Watch is to actually head over to RWI dealer of the year.

This gives you a sense of which dealer has been most active in the past year. once you shorten the list to 5-6 potential dealers, head over to their buyer review section within their own sub-forums and check the number of recent reviews and people’s comments. Sometimes a Replica Watch may have been absent for a while now, or may be on vacay.

Keep in mind there are different types of Replica Watchs. Torobravo, Intime, Puretime, TS Watch, Chazingtime/Psychospike are active Replica Watchs that are based in China and have a team of employees working and are fairly fast-paced. Supermirror is based in China/Europe and often have stock shipping from within Europe for the convenience of those living there. Trevor and WBK specialize in cheaper small-batched watches where you can often find great deals. BK’s Perpertorium is a modder that sells modded/ improved versions of various watches for a surplus. Yuki is a good place to seek various watch parts such as dials and cases and movements for reparations or modding. There are many more dealers whom I’m not familiar with or are not active.

When choosing a Replica Watch, find someone who is willing to do a very detailed QC and has the patience to communicate with you. While most Replica Watchs have a return policy, waiting 2 weeks for a watch only to send it right back is not fun. Also, the shipping fee back will not be covered. Whatever minimal the price difference is, its worth it to pay a little more for a dealer who is willing to go that extra mile for you. While you’re free to try different dealers, I recommend sticking to one for future purchase if the buying experience was a pleasant one. Loyal customers tend to get more perks. Sometimes they’ll omit the $10~$20 difference if you decided to switch orders after payment. They’ll also be more detailed when QCing your watch, and more willing to do exchanges. You can also order parts from them if your watch is ever damaged. If you have another product in mind that is not listed on their website, you can also inquire about it, and often they’ll try to find it for you.

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