How to buy Replica Watches from a Trusted Dealer.

The number one issue I deal with from members is changing orders in the middle of the original order replica watches.
I am currently dealing with a zero post noob who has ordered over $2000 worth of items and changed, edited, ordered more items, etc. while still waitng on the order to arrive. The email chain alone is 4 pages long.

So to not end up angry, frustrated, and most of all, having to get a Mod involved, follow these 6 easy steps when ordering from a Trusted Dealer

1. You have to understand most dealers use a translator to read your emails. With this is mind, your emails need to be short and precise
2. Never order more than 2 items at a time.
3. Never, Ever, change your order while waiting on the order to arrive
4. Never, ever order more items while waiting for the original order
5. Never, ever order more items to justify a refund that may be due
6. Do, order and item, 2 at most and wait for the QC pics. Once approved, it will be 10-30 days and they will arrive. Check and make sure no issues with the items. IF there are no issues, only then should you place another order.

It really is that simple.

This is pointless I have found.

The dealers don’t hold stock, they order only after they have your money, and only once they have ordered from the factory will they find out if stock is available.

I’ve asked dealers if they will ask the factories if watch ‘xxx’ is in stock and they have said the factories always just reply ‘yes’ unless it’s an old, not produced anymore watch, heard the same from lots of friends.

We have had customers contact us to confirm price and that we can get the watch for them, and by the time they have decided to move forward, and make the purchase, the supplier has exhausted the supply of the watch. Suppliers will only secure a watch for us once an order is placed. If a supplier has 10-20 watches of a particular model, they can be gone in a few hours.

I would suggest, to avoid disappointment, when placing an order with a TD is to decide at that time, if you willing wait until your order is fulfilled, or if you have alternatives you would choose if you cannot get your original first choice.

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